Quality control



All machines when entering our premises are being washed off. Further our partner ZTZ Logistics, works with a checklist for checking the quality per type of machine and a machine’s condition is mapped out. Through a checklist, every part is checked and revised. We meticulously record who carried out the last check and when. Based on this quality report we can assess and advise what will be required to guarantee the quality of the machine when putting it straight to work.


Either before buying a machine or as an independent inspection we can offer equipment inspections and help identify potential problems before your equipment fails and results in unplanned downtime. JR Trading can partner with you, offering a very detailed technical inspection to keep your equipment in peak condition. The inspection offers a visual inspection with performance test options and a comprehensive report. The Technical Analysis includes a detailed inspection of machine systems, components, fluids and pressures. It includes photographs so you see what we see, helping you make better maintenance decisions. Each inspection is also performed by one of our expert technicians, providing the reassurance that your equipment is in good hands.

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