Expert in exeptional transport

JR Trading has all the required expertise to manage exceptional transport. We speak of exceptional transport when goods for transportation are especially heavy, wide, high and/or long. With such dimensions and weights, transport becomes a lot more complicated than a straightforward journey from A to B.

ZTZ Logistics offers a complete logistics solution for all your equipment needs, we take care of customs, storage, maintenance, assembly/disassembly, cleaning & painting and shipping & transport. We have all the expertise we need to relieve our clients of all their logistical challanges.


The transport of goods by 'Roll-On-Roll-Off' vessels can be left to our partner ZTZ Logistics. They ensure that the goods for transportation are ready for shipment on the quay, in a timely manner. When a ship arrives in the port, we make sure that we are ready to provide assistance. Moreover, we can also disassemble on site in order to prepare the most efficient transport option for you.


When compact transport is required, for example for the shipment of heavy equipment, our partner ZTZ Logistics can provide the right support. Your equipment is professionally dismantled so that it can be transported in standard containers.

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