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Before equipment is sprayed, it is important that the equipment is first properly cleaned. All this takes place at our partner, ZTZ Logistics' own workshop. Most machines are manually serviced before they enter the spraying area. Every part of the machine is cleaned, including the cabin and engine compartment. Machines are also cleaned in preparation for maintenance and repair.

AQIS cleaning for transport to, for example, Australia, where strict rules apply to the import of heavy equipment is important and can save you lots of headaches and money. With our highly trained people and specialized facilities we guarantee quality and efficiency.


When machines have not been cleaned properly, ship captains might refuse to transport them. That is why our partner ZTZ Logistics ensures that machines are thoroughly cleaned before they are transported further. When a machine is transported above deck, we can provide it with a protective coating to shield it from the effects of sea salt.


Our partner ZTZ Logistics uses high-quality 'one-component' or 'two-component' paint systems. This allows second-hand machines to regain their original colours. Our specialized professionals that work in the spraying area provide the best quality in spraying and protection. For instance, we excel at spraying refurbished second-hand machines in colours fitting to a company’s corporate identity and applying antirust coatings to prevent rust.

Our experts will advise you on your best options which can range from a full overhaul to just a clean & polish solution always keeping in mind that we don’t want to lose the originality of the machine.

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